Elementary School

Westminster Academy offers elementary level courses for 3rd-5th graders. These academically rich, active-learning courses provide families with the opportunity to enhance their child's home school experience.

Elementary Courses Offered

You've helped me home school the way I've always dreamed of doing it. parent of a student in Westminster elementary classes

Weekly Schedule

3rd and 4th grade classes - meet on Mondays

5th grade classes - meet on Mondays and Thursdays

Each class is characterized by exciting curriculum, hands-on learning, and teachers who are passionate and knowledgeable. The teachers' utmost goal is to provide students with the opportunity to learn by doing, which means model building, crafts, dissections, experiments, costume days, field trips, and end-of-unit celebrations are regularly incorporated into the classes. Field trips and in-class celebrations are designed with younger siblings in mind so that families can join their students in the activities.