Middle School

Westminster Academy offers middle school courses for 6th-8th grades with an emphasis on preparing them for college-preparatory work in high school.

Middle School Course Offerings

The courses are taught in classroom settings on the Westminster campus at Third Presbyterian Church. Westminster Academy employs qualified teachers for each of the core academic subjects and elective courses it offers. Each year, students at Westminster Academy enroll in the subjects of their choice. This provides families with the flexibility to tailor a unique educational strategy for each child. Many middle school students gradually increase their course load as they approach high school.

Parents manage their student's education by overseeing course work, communicating with teachers, and participating in course-related activities and home assignments. Westminster Academy uses RenWeb, an internet-based school management system, to help teachers, parents and students communicate about coursework assignments and grades. Access to a computer and email are essential for Westminster families.

Academic Calendar & Grading

Westminster's academic calendar is a four quarter/two semester annual system.  During the school year, Westminster Academy uses a block schedule, with classes meeting either two days or three days each week on Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays.  When students are not in class they prepare for upcoming lectures by reading assigned materials and completing homework.  In addition, students use this time to work on long-term individual and group projects.  This schedule helps Westminster Academy’s students to learn time-management and independent study skills

Westminster Academy’s teachers regularly provide students with graded evaluations of their work, including quizzes, tests, projects and writing assignments.  Students are issued quarterly report cards.  The following uniform grading scale has been adopted: A 90-100% (4.0); B 80-89% (3.0); C 70-79% (2.0). Anything below 70 is considered failing.

Extracurricular Activities

In addition to academics, students at Westminster Academy can participate in a variety of extracurricular activities. Students publish the school newspaper and a yearbook. They can participate in school social events, such as picnics, dances and prom. Opportunities for community service are available for students and their families throughout the year. Field trips are organized by teachers to supplement classroom learning. Also, Westminster frequently offers international cultural and educational trips for families.