Fran Hall

Fran Hall

B.A. Classics, The College of William and Mary

M.A. Latin, University of Ottawa

M.A.T. Classics, Boston College

A former high school Latin teacher, Fran came to Westminster in 2002.  She homeschooled her children for ten years as well as taught a number of Sunday school classes. She will be teaching Latin 1, 2, 3 and 4.  Fran also serves on WA’s Academic Committee and is a member of The American Classical League.

"Apart from the beauty and orderliness that Latin has to offer, I believe that the benefits of understanding the Roman language and culture are far-reaching. Not only does studying Latin help with English grammar and vocabulary, but for the Christian, it puts the New Testament and development of the early church into context. My goal as teacher is to encourage students to learn and enjoy this remarkable discipline."

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